When you look back in the past years, there is a huge shift in technology advancement in the IT industry. There is a significant advancement in software development. In recent years we have caught a lot of echo on technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, etc. and remained a hot topic in the past couple of years.However, these technologies are still emerging with a much better pace and results.

According to a report by Gartner, The software industry will grow with the pace of 8.3% in 2019.

As technology is transforming day to day with its pace, to keep up with the pace of change, it’s very important to take benefit of innovations in software development and build new business models accordingly.We perform this deter task of researching the emerging opportunities for you to save your time and efforts.

Here are the top 6 software development trends that will disrupt the software development industry in 2019 :


Software Trend 1: Blockchain Gains Traction

Undoubtedly to say that blockchain is the most talked-about technology in 2019. It is a distributed ledger technology that has gone beyond the financial world to different other industries such as healthcare, insurance, retail and much more.Many global companies have an eye on the sky to master the technology and explore the multiple cases that blockchain can offer despite its monetary value transfers.The major companies are searching every possible way in other industries such as the distribution of data, supply chain management, smart contracts, and identity management.


Software Trend 2: Low Code Development

The coding of new applications or change in code of custom-built apps has been time-consuming and labor centric. By the utilization of Low-code development, it simplifies the process of building software with just drag and drop in-built features. According to Forrester, who created the term “low-code” states that low code market will expand over $10 billion by 2019. The low code development technology is rapid development technology that brings a great advantage like low learning curve, lower time-to-market, no resource constraints, etc.

The low code development creates a great opportunity for non-programmers or citizen developers to get involved in building solutions. Hence, there is an increased potential for software development for enterprises having well-defined objectives and clear structure. With the low code of the software development company, providers can save a lot of resources.


Software Trend 3: Microservices

The year 2019 is witnessing the maturing of microservices from the trend to the best practice. The microservices are growing consistently and it has become the must-have strategy for software developers.

According to IDC, “by 2022,90%  of all apps will feature microservices architecture that improves the ability to design, debug, update and leverage third-party code.”There is a high demand for highly scalable applications that effectively met by microservices architecture with separate data storage, improve fault isolation, minimize time-to-market and a centralized security module.


Software Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has encouraged the growth of virtual assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri.AI is proliferating across different segments of business like healthcare, hospitality, e-commerce, etc. “By 2022, 30% of enterprises will use conversational speech tech for customer engagement” AI-based voice interfaces will also be used within enterprises for strategic work tasks. Undoubtedly, AI-powered interfaces will maximize employee productivity with its automation and conversational speech.


Software Trend 5: Cloud Computing

There is a great boost in cloud computing that is evolving year by year and is expected to expand in 2019. The enterprises are embracing the hybrid and serverless cloud architecture that supports all applications and at lower operational cost. There are many Cloud service providers such as  Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure are promoting serverless paradigm for computing, as developer concerns of even virtual infrastructure melt away with this model. Not only them but also several open-source frameworks have geared up to revolutionize the way enterprise software applications are developed in the cloud.

Application containers will become even more popular across enterprise environments. The managed containers help developers to build and deploy applications independently and faster. Thus, cloud services are expected to increasingly use tools Docker enterprise, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, etc. for managed containers.The cloud computing is expanding it horizon in the Software development,as software development company in India and around the world rely on cloud computing.


Software Trend 6: Cybersecurity

Can you imagine life without security at your place whether it be your home or road or workplace? Probably no because that is an essential part of human life. This issue is crucial for the business world as well. The threats to the software are pretty concerning thing. They face a major issue of the data breach from the hackers as they stole data from the system by hacking or phishing.


The software development system is enhancing and growing with the result in the proliferation of software development trend. Taking the facts and figures into consideration, it is evident that there is a demand for frequent tech enhancement for the companies as well as developers.The software development system is enhancing and growing at its pace and we believe that this trend will rule in 2019.