There are various choices when you settle on building up an application. If you have the required skills and an adequate amount of time you can develop it yourself. If not then you can hire someone to do the job for you. At the point of hiring, things become a little twisted and the question arises: whom should you choose. Freelancer vs Software Development Companies?

To clear your head we will talk about both of them in this article. Post your comments in the comment section below which one would you prefer.


A single person will never be able to match the effectiveness of the work done by a group. A single person can be an expert in one or two things but a group of people can be an expert in multiple things depending upon the skill set of each.


Every customer wants support from their developer in case of any mishappenings. A freelancer’s work is done after he has delivered the project but a company ensures that you get technical support in case you need it any time.

Technical Expertise

The companies are always keen to increase their technical expertise. The companies are well informed about the latest technological trends. But it is hard for a single person to have complete information about each and every trend and to incorporate it in their skill set.

Preeminent Product

Every website that has an outstanding design, with smooth features and functionality is a collective effort of a team. Creating an award-winning website is very difficult for a single developer.

No Legal Challenges

Enterprises are legal entities and hence they offer greater stability and the risks associated are less. To check the integrity of freelancers there are no records to be found. One can always check about the company, it’s history, projects everything.

Long-lasting Relations

Companies focus on creating long term relations with the client. With creating relations they even value them as they bring in a number of projects. Freelancers also look for work relations but they remain more focused on the current project they are working upon. 

Higher Overheads

It is a worldwide known fact that a team is expensive than an individual. In addition to the service they offer, they charge taxes, rent, salaries, etc.

Extended Time Period

Internal communications take long in a company. To deliver a high-end product they are ready to utilize more time in extensive research and discussion. Freelancers have no one to discuss with hence they work quickly.

It’s a tough choice to make between a freelancer and a software development company. Both have their own benefits and blockages. Depending upon the requirements and the budget one has to pick from them. Just make sure whomever you choose never put yourself and your company in jeopardy.