Avoid spending more on your project

Do you ever feel that your project is costly or is it not worth that much money? Well, it happens with a lot of people. When you go to a software development company keep these things clear with them and you might save a handsome amount of money.

Software Development is a process of combining computer engineering activities to accomplish a common goal. In software development, the requirements of the end-user are carefully studied and meticulously software is designed. While developing software developers tend to make mistakes. These mistakes are not usual yet strongly influence the course of development and incurring a lot of losses or overheads. Today, in this article we are going to look at several common errors.

Inability to understand the requirements

A developer is afraid to utter the words that he/she didn’t understand the requirements. Just nodding the head creates a hassle in the near future, and you will not get your application on time.

Miscalculation in estimating the project

Without fully understanding the project, the estimation will be wrong. Sometimes only development time is taken into account and not of testing. Wrong estimates can increase the final cost of your application. 

Coding without /*Comments*/

It’s one of the best practices to add comments within the code. A code that has comments is easy to understand and understandable code is easier to maintain. Hence, the cost incurred will be less.

No documentation

Documentation is a vital task in the process of software development. Getting the information from only source code is a tiresome job and wastes a lot of time. Maintaining the documentation of the code comes in handy when other developers try to remove errors.  

No Error or Audit Logs

Maintaining error or audit logs facilitates the tracking of possible bugs during maintenance or error resolution. The user might not say in the requirements about error or audit logs.

Hard-Coded Values

Hardcoded values are like a ticking bomb. They can create issues at any time. Avoid Hard-Coded values to the maximum because they limit the functionality of the application.

Hands-on Code

A newbie coder will not be able to foresee the risks associated with his written code. It’s always better to have the code written by experienced coders to get assurance about the best quality. 

Not following code conventions

If someone sees the code he should be able to understand it well. Without following code conventions, instead of giving information it turns out to create confusion.

A code well-written is easy to maintain and helps in increasing the efficiency of the developer. 

Requirements change on the fly

The user requirements keep changing and both IT and the business team must understand such cases and plan accordingly. The user must also be thorough about his requirements and keep the last-minute changes minimal. 

Keeping these loopholes in mind, we will be able to dodge a lot of mistakes. Both software development company and client will be able to save their time and effort. Sidestepping from these mistakes we will be able to make exceptional software and that too by efficiently using our resources.