Are you looking for Web Application Development? Awesome! Now, have you fixed your mind on what type of web application you are going for? Read this blog before fixing your mind on one type and as a result, you will get to know much more about application development.

Web Development is the process of creating an application that resides on remote servers and accessed through the user’s device. The process of web development includes web design, web content development, scripting for client-side and server-side, and network security configuration. Web Application Development ranges from simple static sites to complex web-based applications. 

There are 6 types of web application development. Let’s go through each of them one by one:

Static Web Application

  • A static web application will not be flexible enough to incorporate most of the functionality.
  • HTML and CSS are used to develop the application.
  • Modifications in a static web application are easy because coding is easy in HTML and CSS compared to other languages.
  • Only the person having knowledge of coding or programming can make modifications to the application.

Dynamic Web Application

  • At a technical level, they are more complex.
  • Admin can change the contents of the app from the admin panel.
  • Many different programming languages can be used in developing Dynamic web applications.
  • Making modifications is not easy because changing one line of code can result in changes in many other sections.

E-Commerce Applications

  • If the application is about an online store it comes under the category of E-Commerce applications.
  • The development process of this type of application is difficult because of multiple operations to keep it running smoothly.
  • With a management panel, the client can update the list, manage orders, and other things.

Portal Web Application

  • API integration is the basis of a portal web application.
  • A 4xx error will never knock your door.
  • The users who use portal applications, their activities can be tracked.
  • The other name for a portal application is as an enterprise portal.

Animated Web Application

  • An Animated Web Application is associated with FLASH.
  • The designs negatively affect a website’s SEO Hence, an animated website is not suitable for SEO.

Web Application with CMS

  • The continuous changes in content are easy to manage with a CMS(Content Management System).
  • The administrator can update or implement changes by using CMS.
  • These content managers are very intuitive and easy to work with.
  • CMS fits perfectly for blogging websites, news pages, etc.

All the types of website application development have their upsides and downsides but at the last, they are all websites and will remain so. To start your online business, you need a website because that is the demand of today’s market. Choose a website development type that fits your business model so that you get a great start ahead.