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The first step for online presence is website,we at Mackerel Solutions provides custom web,software,Ecommerce portal and CMS development as it is our core competency.We seek to provide a flexible and consistent experience for users.Leveraging new approaches in web development by working with customers all around the world.We have a team of 90+ nerds with the experience and expertise in various languages whether it be JavaScript,Angular2,Php etc.We are too focused on agile development,with the ability to cater all the needs of clients all across the globe.


The first step for online presence is website.Our intrinsic strength in combining the right strategy and technology ensures that we deliver a solution that is always beyond the expectations of our clients.



We build software for your business globally with a team of experienced and expert software developer to provide value to your business software requirements.



We at mackerel solutions are specialized in dynamic data driven ecommerce portal for any variant of business.It is the most cost effective way to promote your business online.



We are well experienced in developing dynamic and scalable web content management system. We have deployed large as well as small scale enterprises content management system using technologies like React.js, Kentico,Angular.js, etc.

Our Development Process


First phase of web and software development is planning without perfect planning, as measuring the strength and weakness of the project is necessary. Planning assures to kick off a project without any flaws and drive effective progress.

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The Second phase is analysis that is about analyzing the performance of the project and software at various stages and adopting the additional requirements. The analysis helps is proceeding further with fulfilling every requirement in every stage.


After performing the analysis process,the next step is to design the required architecture of the project. This stage is to remove any possible flaws by setting specified parameters and standards.

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This is the actual stage to develop the software and once the software or web is developed, the stage of implementation comes, where the product goes through the prototyping to observe its functionality.


This stage is to fix the bugs or errors in the software and web product. So you don’t face a difficult time while operation.

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Once the software passes through all stages, then it undergoes with the maintenance process. Where the software is upgraded and maintained from time to time.

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We are IT & Digital firm offering end-to-end solutions to Enterprises, & Startups. We deliver end-to-end mobile/web solutions starting from conceptualization to development and maintenance.

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