Helping You Get Discovered With Our Digital Marketing Service
Don’t let your businesses remain undiscovered from your target customers,Go Digital  To Remark Your Footprint Digitally.


Mackerel Solutions the one go web solution from innovative technology enhancement to web marketing solutions.We have gained turf on digital marketing with the team of passionate and expert marketers.Our team is specialized in every specific area be it SEO,SEM,PPC ,Content Marketing or ORM.We are driven by business goals and engage with target audience.We use agile and flexible approach to drive traffic,converting visitors and measuring effectiveness utilizing our teams skill set and their creativity.We ourselves are dedicated to improving your business outreach and building a strong online presence for you.

We are here to help you in various verticals of digital marketing and web development making a perfect end-end solution for your organization no matter if it’s big or small.

We believe in sustainable growth that includes creating a measurable difference for each of our clients.Our team is there to support your business  24*7 and scale up.

Let’s see why hundred of clients trust our digital marketing company and why you should as well.

What We Do

We offer various services in digital marketing that could aid your organisation grow

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have perfectly planned strategy for growing your business organic search traffic,leads and sales.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The most efficient and cost effective method to gain new customers from Facebook and other social platform .


Content Marketing

Content is the core part of content marketing,Publish and promote high quality content that attract your future customers.


Online Reputation Management

We are very anxious of preserving your business reputation online through our proven methodologies,so your customer doesn’t get distracted by the bad impressions at first visit.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Spread your words about your business with high return on google ads spend with better keywords.

How Digital Marketing Prove Beneficial

Measurable Result

The best advertising method that could measure the impact and reach to the target audience with cost effective advertising.


The traditional market were generic,but the advancement of technology has increased more personalization and customization of content ,which is crucial for digital marketing to capture leads.

Low Barrier Entry

Offline marketing i.e.poster banner is a barrier for small companies as they need a lot of resources to compete with big ones but digital marketing has made small companies to grow.

Outreach Large Audience

You can scale your business across the world with the power of the internet,get broad consumer base.

Increase Conversion Rate

With the couple of clicks your customer get converted and don't need any other medium to gather information.