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It is none the less to say that e-commerce in itself is pretty complicated. Without having proper knowledge in e-commerce website development, having a decent profit is quite tricky. But don’t worry, as we have also got you covered. Now the bigger question that arises is that, what indeed is e-commerce portal development and why it is so crucial for any business organization to go online. The e-commerce website development enables any business organization of all sectors to go online where they can potentially find their suitable buyer. The e-commerce portal development creates an online link between the seller and buyer.

Our company is one of the best e-commerce website development in India, which has a vision for building the most appealing user-friendly website as possible. To cut down the entire website management cost, we make the use of content management as user-friendly as possible. With our best in class team of experts, we make the most affordable e-commerce website design company for businesses of every niche and requirements. Along with that, we also provide 24X7 assistance for all of our e-commerce portals for any help needed by the company.


We always envision better security on our portal developments for the requirements of customers safety. Therefore advanced security standards are applied with better-secured payment portals. Advanced functionalities like deliveries and shipping, sales, shopping carts, search tabs, and secure payments are all provided at the time of managing the portal according to the company’s need and requirement.
We always serve the most trendy design for our e-commerce website development services with higher-end marketing strategies for every kind of portal solutions. Smooth transitions for building mobile applications are also provided to increase user-friendliness and experience more ease and engagement.
We also provide digital marketing solutions to boost up your e-commerce website. Every service that is offered by us is higher end keeping in mind both our and the company’s customer satisfaction.



Why Us?

With over thousands of websites offering the same ecommerce website development services under the hood, we are here to proudly present what makes us stand out from other same services available. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and that is what led us to this point. We stand out from other competing organizations due to the following reasons


It has never been our idea to rob your bank, instead provide you with affordable and reasonable costs for web development. No hidden payments for premium facilities, all the packages come under one single payment. We provide ecommerce solution at an affordable cost with the customizable ecommerce development that could make your business reach more customers and enhance your revenue stream. Along with that, we offer you hassle-free paperwork for written contracts.

Rich In Resources

We have been to this e-commerce web development for a while now, that we have accommodated some of the most brilliant web developers throughout India. Using our bleeding-edge technologies, we are always one step ahead from our competitors. Whatsoever your business niche may be, we have got you covered in both the web and mobile platforms. With our easy app transitions, you can easily get your business up and running in both web and mobile devices.

Quality Over Quantity

We at Mackerel Solutions have always been a company, which focuses on the quality of our services, not the quantity of the customers we are serving. With our team of excellent web developers, we have the best skilled and expert team that are too precise at their work.We provide you with premium services to get your business online. With the help of our services, your business will stay ahead from all of your competitors.

Technical Support

We have our highly specialized technical support teams at your service for 24X7. It is our business motto not to forget our customers after the payment. To keep that word, we provide lifetime technical support to help you out with all of your needs. With our technical support teams, you get instant practical solutions to all of your problems in no time.As our technical support team is well equipped with the knowledge to provide your relevant solutions at instance.


Business-to-Business (B2B)

In this kind of e-commerce portal development, we emphasize on all the electronic transactions that are made of goods and services conducted between companies. In other words, one of the companies becomes the buyer while the other as a customer. There is no direct involvement of public customers.There is direct involvement of business to business transactions where one business transfer goods in wholesale to other business and then that product is marketed in retail.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

This is the most common portal development provided by us. Most of the e-commerce website development company opt for this e-commerce environment. Here, the company sells other online merchandise directly to the consumer who happens to be their end users for the services and products provided by the company. These websites offer open access to visitors and users. There is a ton of B2C websites created by us for several reputed companies out there in the market.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

The consumer to consumer business is to facilitate commerce between individual customers.The C2C enables building relationships by helping buyers and sellers locate each other.This is one of the new blooming ecommerce website portals where the services work as a third party vendor in creating a connection between the consumers. One of the perfect examples of C2C type e-commerce is eBay and other is relevant example is olx and Quicker,they both work as C2C.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

We have created several C2B websites where the general case scenario is completely reversed.This deals between consumer and business where consumer is providing a service or product to business.The C2B is Here the consumer posts an advertisement, and the company plays the bid. New emerging online freelancing websites are a perfect example of the C2B e-commerce website.

Business-to-Administration (B2A)

This is a higher end of the ecommerce website. It creates a portal between transactions conducted with companies and public administration. The large variety of services that are provided in this particular field includes social security, fiscal, employment, legal documentation, and registration. The nation's government generally backs these kinds of services.

Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

The C2A is an ecommerce business model that deals with consumer to administrative agencies.The e-commerce model is the perfect example of the electronic transactions that are conducted between the individuals and the public administration.Some of the standards of the C2A portals are Education, Social security, taxes,healthcare and electricity bill paid to government agencies.

Some Of Our Portal Features

Not from others but hear from us the features of our products and why does it stand out in the market. Your business has its niche with your unique goals and requirements, and that is why we are here to help you out to increase your business at an exponential rate.


We provide 100% customizable website designs. Every template and plugin provided by us could be tweaked at your own need. The customization of website extend the feel and look.Where as banner sliders are provided for better showcasing and increasing the responsiveness of your website.We at Mackerel Solution provide fully customizable ecommerce solution that enhance your business reach with multiple images for the product and zooming with better precision makes your website much more appealing.

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Social Media Integration

The ingenuity of business is checked by the social media integration provided by the site. That is why we offer both facebook and google account login features so that you can earn that trust from your customers.And social media integration will also provide your customer ease to access.We do integrate twitter and other social platforms to website that may count as homepage feed that could represent an incredible way to bring product to life on-site.The social buttons that are must do for any modern brand as it will engage customer from inside-out and opt to increase brand follower.


We have provided CAPTCHA implementation for better protection of your website. Along with that notifications via email and SMS will be provided so that the customer can track their on the website. Recover passwords have been made strictly through email so that no third party can come between your customer and you. Along with that, we provide lifetime security patches for your website.As our codes are bug free and we use checksums to enhance the website security and prevent from further threads.

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Better Functionality

We have implemented better taxonomy to categorize and manage your products. Now you can see the most viewed products with our updated database.We provide an easy interface with logical roadmap that is important for both user experience and SEO.The other functionalities like crucial business information and mobile ready version. 

Shipping charges could be viewed for separate products with real-time product tracking through google map implementation and much more. This is because we believe in our customer satisfaction i.e., you before anything.


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