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The rapidly altering business environment or you can say scenarios has forced companies to stay prepared well in advance to fulfill their customers as well as their own needs. However, you can stay ahead of your competitor if you have all the required and major resources. One such resource is the best and high-quality software.

If you can provide your customers with best and efficient software, it will increase credibility as well as the popularity of your company. So, are you in search of the best software development company in India? Well, you have arrived at the perfect place. Mackerel Solutions is there to help you out.

We understand that software must have the capability to delight the user. However, it all depends on applied creativity and software development speed. We, at Mackerel Solutions, create engaging and innovative software products. No matter what are your requirements, you can fulfill all your demands by offering you software that you are looking for. With us, you will enjoy:



Custom Software Development
Effective Mobile Integration
Lower Time To Market
We have a team of highly experienced and skilled software developer, product specialist, and architect. As we have extensive years of experience in this field, we can understand your business requirements and can offer you the best quality software at a much competitive price. That’s why we are the most reputed software development company in India. Besides software, we also provide post software development support and software maintenance services.


Why Choose Us

Amount Of Resource

As we deal with both custom and off-shore software development and maintenance, we have a sufficient amount of resources. We have all the latest and advanced technologies that are required by the enterprises. Which help us to provide you with high-quality software.We have a team of experts that have renounced knowledge in software development .Those who have hired us always get complete access to unlimited resources.

Exceptional Quality

Today’s market is full of a lot of software companies. But not all of them can’t offer you the services that you are looking for. But we, at Mackerel Solutions, always try our best to provide you will find exceptional quality services. As we have exceptional quality and quantity of software development team that have hands on experience in many software technologies and projects .So With our services, you will always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Technical Experts

To deliver you high-quality and efficient software based on your unique requirements, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced software developers. All our experts have a considerable amount of skill on different types of software technologies.That’s why we can easily craft custom software as per our client’s requirement. We offer one stop solution for every software needs be it too critical or easy,we are expert in developing software for any purpose.

Cost-effective & On-time

For us, software development means taking your business to a new level with cost-effective and timely solutions. Combining extensive resources and tech experts, we provide you with a complete package of software development which will help your business to grow. No matter what types of company you have, you can avail the benefits by choosing Mackerel Solutions, the top software development company in India as your software developer.

Custom Development

We understand that your business has some unique goals and requirements which are quite different from other industry. Indeed, what works for another first may not necessarily work for you. That’s why bring you our professional custom software development service. By developing custom software, your organization can overcome the challenges. When you have efficient custom software, your business will work according to its objectives, and you enhance your chances of delivering better customer services.

Our custom software development services span across different type of innovative technologies, such as:


  • SAAS Development.
  • Business Software Consulting.
  • Software Product Development.

  • Custom ERP Development.
  • Cloud-Based Solutions.
  • Enterprise Software Development.

As a reputed and well-known custom software development company in India, we provide you associations for different software development services through fixed price model, T&M model, and captive model. With us, you will enjoy the best class bespoke software with rich user experience.


Offshore Development

When it comes to choosing a reputed and the best offshore software development firm, you can trust Mackerel Solutions. The services offered by us are highly customized and optimized to fulfill the unique business requirements of our clients. We have been providing professional offshore software development service to different companies for years. Besides Mackerel Solutions, an offshore software development company in India offers cost-effective solutions to industries like social banking, retail, E-commerce, automobile, and more.


Benefits of choosing our offshore software development solutions


  • Advantage of open-source

We, at Mackerel Solutions, use open source codes for offshore software development. This helps us to offer you quality, secure, and bug-free software.

  • Saving in ownership cost

Our services are quite easy to update and upgrade. You will save huge in technology and ownership cost.

  • Advanced technology

We, at Mackerel Solutions, combine quality assessment, software environment, and high-end technologies to offer you the best quality yet affordable services.

  • Text Hover

We offer next level software development services to a different type of businesses. Our primary objective is to design and develop high-quality software. That’s why we provide various development services covering different kinds of software requirements. Our experts can easily handle any development task.

Development Services

Web back-end is indeed working as a backbone, and it connects and keeps up the different parts of a software. If you don’t have a proper back-end development, your customers will not get a good service experience. That’s why to help you prevent such a situation; Mackerel Solutions offers a complete backend development service.

Development Services

For the success of your business, you must have a visually appealing, interactive, and beautiful web front-end page. It helps in effective branding and builds solid trust. We are here to help you with this. We provide you with the best front-end and UI development solutions.

Development Services
Mobile Applications

You can’t ignore the fact of how mobile apps have changed the tech world. That’s why you must have a dynamic and user-friendly mobile app of your business. An app lets you stay in touch with your valuable customers. To help you with better customer accusation and to offer you practical strategies, we bring our professional application development services.

Development Services
Cloud Software

High-level of technical capabilities are required to come up with a perfect platform through which you can use your software product in various situations. That’s why Mackerel Solution’s cloud software development services are there for you.

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