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The start of a business is marked by the presence of a website on the internet. To keep the business running the website needs to run smoothly. With our experts at your end, you can focus on future planning of your business without worrying about anything else. Despite the nature of the website(static or dynamic), our team makes sure that the information on the website loads properly and the end-user accesses it without facing any problem.

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In this type of maintenance, we deal with faults and bugs that can occur in day to day basis. These issues can also come if the user try to change the environment of the software like updating or changing the OS. If the business rules or government policies change then also bugs can knock your door.


In this type of maintenance, we change the code based on new user requirements. Small changes are addressed under this maintenance. With implementing new changes we will also update the documentation of code, or if needed can restructure and optimize the code.